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Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs

How it works. Almost every broker has it. Provide active-passive earnings, based on attracting customers and receiving part of their trading costs. The broker can pay both a fixed amount for each attracted trader (subject to a certain trade turnover) and part of the spread (trading costs of the attracted client). You can build your network.

From theory to practice. Each trader or just an interested person can take part in the affiliate program by registering as a partner on the broker’s website. After registration, the partner receives free informational materials, which he can use at his discretion:

  • A referral link where a potential trader will go to the broker’s website.
  • A banner that can be placed on your information resources.
  • Informers. They are small useful applications, a click on which also leads to the broker’s website.
  • Business cards. Handout in live communication with a potential trading audience.
  • Basic blanks for the design of individual pages of the site (wallpaper, avatars, etc.).

The partner is not limited in methods of attracting clients, provided that these methods are legal and do not cause reputational damage to the broker. These can be, for example, direct communications with potential clients at specialized events, in social networks, etc. It can also be the development and promotion of your Internet resource (website, video channel), which talks about the advantages of a broker.

Types of affiliate programs:

  • A multi-level network that provides for a fixed fee or a percentage of the income of an attracted trader. A partner can attract potential traders himself or build a multi-level network of the same sub-partners. That is, you attract a client-trader, and receive income from each transaction closed by him, and you can attract new partners and receive 10% of their profit.
  • Rebate. Affiliate program, providing that the partner reimburses part of the trading costs to the attracted trader from his earnings. For example, if out of 10 dollars. US partner costs the trader 30% (3 US dollars), he can return to the trader from 0 to 100% of this amount.
  • Regional representation. This option will be considered below.

Note! In addition to affiliate earnings, LiteForex also offers to participate in the affiliate contest, which is held monthly from the 1st of the day to the last day of the month inclusive. The winners are the first 30 people who were able to get the largest amount of commission deductions in a month. The prize amount is available for withdrawal in real money.

To everyone who is interested in this option of earnings, I recommend the article ” Affiliate programs: types and algorithms of earnings .” Here it is described in detail about what affiliate programs, earning tools exist, how to become a partner and create your own affiliate network, how to work with referrals and much more.

Pros. Additional passive earnings subject to stable trading of referrals.Cons. It is difficult to find potential customers and even more so to convince them to stay with the broker and trade. It can take so much time that it seems more rational to invest it directly in trade.

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